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Risk Level:
  • Summary

    Creatine is made in the liver, and acts as fuel cells for your cells. Including brain cells. It provides energy on demand. Creatine is also favored by nootropic users because of the fuel demanded by brain cells when using racetams. After crossing the blood-brain barrier, creatine binds to phosphate. Creatine phosphate in turn fuels energy consumption by the brain.

Desired Outcomes

These are some of the outcomes that Creatine is known to impact. Attributions can be either antecdotal or scientific. Add it to your stack and share to get help in your evaluation.


      Pairs With:
      Used in Stacks:


      Recomended Dosage
      • Min - 3 g
      • Med - None g
      • Max - 5 g
      • Supplement Source -
      • Tolerance -
      • Half Life -


      Side Effects
      • Elevates Kidney function test numbers after supplementation
      Avoid If
      • You have kidney Issues, Consult your doctor first.


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